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Who are we?

inTera Tecnologia is a private R&D company, created by Digitron, the largest Brazilian motherboard manufacturer. We started our operation in January 2007, in the city of Manaus-AM, with a highly qualified team. We are 100% market-driven company committed to adding value your customers by transforming good ideas into projects deliveries. We work on consulting services to help our customers to the deliver their products and improve their operational efficiency.

Our Services

SFC - Shop Flow Control

Manufacturing System for production management. Tailored to manufacturing companies with a focus on real-time information, product tracking and control.

R&D - Research and Development

Research in projects for national and international clients, developing products and intellectual properties.

Embedded systems

A microprocessor system in which the computer is completely encapsulated or dedicated to the device or system it controls.

BI - Business Intelligence

The term Business Intelligence (BI), business intelligence, refers to the process of collecting, organizing, analyzing, sharing, and monitoring information that supports business management.